Welcome to Scheller Legal Solutions LLC

Scheller Legal Solutions LLC offers an array of legal services all with a goal of resolving conflict. Providing compassionate service at a reasonable cost is the mission of the law firm. Suzy Scheller, Counselor at Law, combines her interest and expertise in elder law, mediation, education, and financial information to advocate for clients finding themselves in everyday issues.

Scheller Legal Solutions LLC is community-minded, with extensive knowledge of the Northwest suburbs, including Champlin, Dayton, Brooklyn Park, Anoka, Osseo, Maple Grove, Coon Rapids, Blaine, and Ramsey.

Suzy has represented vulnerable adults and their family members against nursing homes, caregivers, assisted living, PCA agencies, and similar entities in personal injury, financial exploitation, and wrongful death claims. Her passion and compassion have achieved results for elders and families and held caregivers accountable to protect our vulnerable, elder population.

As an extension of her work in elder litigation, Scheller Legal Solutions LLC offers services to file, negotiate, and satisfy Medicare subrogation interests (liens) on behalf of the Medicare beneficiary, all at a reasonable cost.

Suzy is also a neutral in the area of elder mediation. She is a qualified neutral in both the facilitative and adjudicative processes under Minnesota Rule 114. The combination of her knowledge in elder issues and her neutral training give her a unique skill set to resolve conflicts, such as care disputes between family members and care providers, disputes among family members, and financial matters.

Scheller Legal Solutions LLC also offers Estate Planning services, including drafting wills, testamentary trusts, revocable trusts, and conducting probate matters.

Finally, as a trained educator and experienced public policy advocate, Scheller Legal Solutions LLC performs a variety of training and advocacy roles, such as speaking at seminars, assisting with drafting legislation, and providing training for family members and providers in the area of elder care. Ms. Scheller co-authored the Elder Care Guide with Ken LaBore, Esq. to sift through complex options for elder care.

Most of all, Scheller Legal Solutions LLC seeks to help those in conflict take the next step toward resolution by providing quality legal services with compassion and at a reasonable cost. Contact us today at 763.647.0042.