About Suzy

2 About SuzySuzy Scheller is a second-career lawyer, having gained invaluable life experience that enhance her services for working Minnesotans. Suzy has been married to Joe Scheller for 21 years. She was trained as a math educator and was employed as a computer database manager prior to focusing on raising four children – Abby, Tim, Peter, and Mark.

She graduated from Hamline University School of Law in May 2008 and began working at the law firm of Pearson, Randall, Schumacher, LaBore, P.A. She worked on a variety of legal claims, including mass torts and class actions, pharmeceuticals, contract disputes, and most frequently elder abuse and neglect Litigation.

In July 2010, Suzy began offering legal services through Scheller Legal Solutions LLC. She remains affiliated with Pearson, Randall, Schumacher & LaBore, P.A. and often works as co-counsel with Kenneth L. LaBore, Esq. and the law firm to represent vulnerable adults in elder litigation claims.

Suzy enjoys an active lifestyle swimming, biking, and most recently running (well jogging really). She remains active in her community, volunteering at school, church, and community functions.

Her passion in life is to help others achieve their goals.